A Discussion: Will and Jem

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As I promised I have an extra post today. When I finished The Infernal Devices trilogy I had a lot of strong opinions regarding William Herondale and  James Carstairs. (Especially Will, actually.) So I wrote a whole discusion about them.

Don’t read this if you haven’t already finished The Infernal Devices! There will be spoilers!!!

Since The Mortal Instruments and Cassandra Clare are a big thing in the book community, The Infernal Devices was immediatly a big thing, too. The lovetriangle of this trilogy is thereby a very famous one. That’s why I wanted to “analyse” Will and Jem completely.

Kat over at Katytastic on Youtube and a lot of other people seem to really adore Will and I expected to do so, too. But I didn’t.

When we first meet Will in Clockwork Angel he resques Tessa from the Dark Sisters. He was all funny and witty and he really reminded me of Jace (whom I love). I had no problems with him then. I actually quite liked him.

The first time Jem comes on stage he’s playing his lovely violin. He was kind and gentil and then (if I’m not mistaken) he got his cough attack. When I read about him coughing up blood I was already afraid. I had no idea what was happening and didn’t want him to get hurt. I didn’t know him yet back then but my heart was already partly melting for him.

While Jem shows Tessa the city and is always kind, Will is off doing his arrogant things and is always being mean. I was sure they both loved Tessa then. And I was also sure that Tessa cared for the both of them and I thought then that Will didn’t deserve this. It was obvious he was hiding something from his past and mostly I try to understand such characters and be patient with them, but with Will I just couldn’t do that for some reason.

In Clockwork Prince it is now very obvious that Jem loves Tessa. I also knew that Tessa cared a lot for him but she did really friendzone him on a couple of occasions. Why she did this was because of Will. She kept telling herself not to like Will because in her view he despised her and he didn’t deserve her. And with that second matter I still agreed. I knew then why he behaved the way he did and I really did understand him but. I. Just. Could. Not. Like. Him. Don’t ask me why because I’m not sure if I know myself. He still reminded me of Jace but the things I loved about Jace, I didn’t like about Will.

Then finally, when Tessa and Jem had a fierce make out session I was incredibly happy. I felt happiness I hadn’t felt when Tessa and Will kissed. And then Jem proposed. I felt like nothing could go wrong anymore. But of course, because we’re talking about Cassandra Clare here, everything kind of blew up.

Don’t get me wrong; I was happy for Will when he was rescued from his curse but ugh. Couldn’t he shut his mouth and make Jem and Tessa happy? I know. It’s not fair of me to say this. He suffered a lot and he had had a hard life but, man! I just wanted Tessa and Jem to be happy together.

The reaction of Tessa when Will told her he loved her slightly annoyed me. She was thinking immediatly about blowing off her engagement with Jem. That’s when I realised, even though she did love both boys, she would never completely enjoy her marriage with Jem. Not as long Will was there. (And then I starting plotting Will’s death *evil devil emoji* JUST KIDDING! I didn’t.)

Then in Clockwork Princess Tessa was happy to marry Jem and Jem couldn’t be more happy but still, Will kept crossing Tessa’s mind.

It was in Clockwork Princess that I really saw how deep the friendship between Will and Jem was. And even though I didn’t like Will in the previous books I felt like I had to like him in Clockwork Princess to fully enjoy the book. And after a while I did. He still wasn’t my favourite but he didn’t annoy me anymore like he did before and I think his friendship with Jem is an important aspect to that.

When Jem got to know that his parabatai was in love with his fiancée, I loved Jem even more. Being the selfless person he is, he sent Will to go after Tessa and resque her instead of being angry. When Jem “died” I did get a bit teary. I didn’t cry my eyeballs out because I knew he became a Silent Brother. (Shouldn’t have read City of Heavenly Fire before this trilogy… My fault.) Will was really broken but his love for Tessa kept him going. We all know Herondales love fiercely, right?

One thing I actually hated about Clockwork Princess was when Tessa and Will had sex. This is how that looked like in my head:

Will: My parabatai just died.

Tessa: My fiancée just died.

Will and Tessa: Let’s bang!

So you see, I really did not like that part.

Surprisingly I did like Tessa married Will at the end. I think Cassandra Clare did a really good job on this matter. In my opinion Tessa would never truly and fully enjoy her marriage with Jem when Will was around. So when Jem became a Silent Brother I really think it was the best for Tessa and Will to marry each other.

The epilogue was just perfect. I loved it. Because of Tessa’s immortality I think the chapter Will had come to an end. Of course she would never forget him but it was time to kind of move on with her life and share it with Jem.


Jem is my absolute favourite and I love him with all my heart.

For the majority of the time I didn’t like Will but I am glad how it all ended for him and Tessa.

Wow! That was long! If you had enough patient to finish all that: What is your opinion on Will and Jem? Comment below. 🙂


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx












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