This or That? Challenge #29

Hi, everybody!

Wednesday means a new This or That? Challenge! This challenge is created by Bookmarkchronicles and if you want to know more about this challenge just click the link and it will you bring right to her post of the week.

This week’s topic is…

Do you prefer to read short


long novels?

Well, this actually really depends. Short novels are much quicker and lighter but with longer books you can get more depth, world building, character development, …

I mostly read longer books, I think. There are also more bigger books than short ones, I think and I really do enjoy reading the big books. Sometimes it can get a little too much but then I just pick up and shorter one and after that I can continue reading the big books.

So I guess I’m going for the big books. I like big books and I cannot lie, right? xp

What about you? Long or short novels? Make sure to check out Rae’s blog (linked above) and comment your choice. 🙂


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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