This or That? Challenge #26

Hi, everybody!

Another This or That? Challenge created by Rae over at Bookmarkchronicles. Where does she keep finding the inspiration? If you want to know more about this challenge you can click the link and it will bring you to Rae’s post of the week where she explains everything.

This week’s topic is…

1st person point of view


3rd person point of view

I find this a very difficult thing to choose between… Mostly it just depends on the book or I don’t really mind, but I’m not allowed to say that so I’ll try to choose or at least compare them to each other.

Let’s start with 1st person point of view. If you read a book with 1st person POV you get more depth of the main character. You get the know about what he/she thinks, feels, … and you can bond with him or her. You may find out less about the other characters but that makes it so interesting, too. You only have the opinion on other people of the main character but that way those other people can surprise the protagonist (and the reader) by doing/saying things that we really didn’t expect from him/her.

I like the 1st person POV but I like 3rd person point of view just as much (sorry Rae!). It’s actually just the opposite of 1st person POV. There can be different POVs which gives you the chance to explore each character more. It also shows you how different people can think or be.

So, I’m very sorry, Rae, but I just can’t choose. :p

Anyway, what do you like more? Make sure to check out Rae’s blog and participate in this challenge! I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the weekend.


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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