This or That? #22

this or that

Hi, everybody!

YES! I’m starting the This or That? Challenges again made by Bookmark Chronicles if you want to know more about these challenges click here.

Also, because of the holyday chaos I didn’t post a lot and now school has started I made a change in my blogging schedule again. On Wednesdays I’m going to do the This or That? Challenge like usual but I’m not going to do Book Tags any more. I’m just going to post one book review every week and I hope you’re okay with that. 🙂

So, let’s get started!

Original Book Covers


Movie Covers

Definitely the original book covers. There are so many beautiful book covers out there. Illustrators put their work in it and mostly it really pays off!

Movie covers can be gorgeous too but they look like a movie, you know what I mean? It mostly just doesn’t look like a book cover. Also, don’t take this personal please, I think the movie cover is a little hipster. You can say that I’m totally wrong but it just feels like that to me. :p

That was it for today! I’m very happy to do these again! 😀 What do you like most? Make sure to check Rae’s blog out (linked above) and if you like to share your opinion you can make your own post about it!


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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