Bookmas Day 7

Hi, everybody!

It is day 7 of Bookmas created by Hailey aka HailsHeartsNYC over at YouTube. If you want to know more about Bookmas you can click here to watch Hailey’s announcement video.

If you missed my previous posts:

Today’s topic is…

On the seventh day of bookmas my true love gave to me seven fantasy worlds.

I’m first going to start with very populair ones.

So, of course, the first one it the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Like come on who doesn’t want to live there? A lot of us grew up with the books and/or movies and as long as I remember Hogwarts was always there and there hasn’t gone a day by when I didn’t wish to go there.

The world of the Greek Gods from the Percy Jackson books is another world which I find amazing. There’s a lot of adventure, weird and mostly dangerous creatures and God drama. Who doesn’t like that? 😉

My third pick is the Shadow World from Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books. I’ve only read The Mortal Instruments series and the world is so good put together. The demons, angels, … There’s a lot going on and how cool would it be to be a badass Shadowhunter like Izz? *-*

The fourth fantasy world I really like is the one from Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. If you’re Peculiar you have an amazing gift, you can be a child forever and you will have a friendship with the other Peculiars that’s undestroyable. Okay, there are these terrible monsters and people who want your soul but you have’ll have to live with that, right?

World number five is a very exciting world in my opinion. In The Weaver’s Riddle by C. M. Lucas you have this very mysterious world you don’t know a lot about but it is amazing. The first book came out a couple of months ago and it was an incredible read. Because there’s only a first book just yet we don’t know a lot about the world but I can’t wait to discover more! If you want to read my review click here.

The second to last fantasy world I choose is the one from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. On one side of the wall you have the mortals (not sure they were called that :p ) and on the other side you have different kind of Courts with Fearies. It’s a very interesting world and I can’t wait till the second book in May!

Finally, my last world is the one from The Raven Cycle by Magie Stiefvater. I’ve only read the first book – I’m going to continue soon- and the world with the ley lines and predictions intrigued my a lot.

What did I read?

I just realized that I forgot to tell you this for the past two days… Sorry!

As I told you I started Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and I’m now halfway through. Yesterday I had little time to read. First I had to go to school, then go eat pasta with a friend and wait till I got to go to the orthodontist to get my braces off (which was very exciting! 😀 ) After that I had to wait some more because I had to go to school again with my mom to get my report card. I’m quite happy with my grades. :p Then I had to go to dance lesson and Star Wars Episode VI was on tv so I really didn’t read a lot.

Anyway, today I had a lot more time to read so I did and I’m going to continue the moment this post is up.

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx



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