This or That? Challenge #14

this or that

Hi, everybody!

I completely forgot to post yesterday. I was busy with homework and I had other things on my mind but I made some time to post today!

Last week Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles wanted to know how we knew which books to buy and now she wants to know where we buy them:

Do you buy your books at physical bookstornes (like Barnes & Noble)


Do you buy them online (on sites like Amazon)

I actually do both. In Belgium we don’t have a Barnes & Noble but every Wednesday after school I go to the bookshop close to my school. I don’t buy a book every week but if I have enough money I like to buy books there. When I go to Antwerp with my mum I also go to the bookstore there because there’s a big section of English books and then I buy several books.

When it’s Christmas, my birthday, … I like to buy books online. I don’t order from Amazon (although the books there are much cheaper than the site I use but my mum trusts this site more, so yeah…) It’s been a while since I last ordered something, though… But I really want to because there are so many good books I can’t find at the bookstores… Well, in a couple of weeks we have a holiday here in Belgium and I hope to get some money for books! 😀

That’s it! What do you do? Make sure to comment on Rae’s post (linked above) or make your own post about it! (Make sure to link it to Rae’s blog) Saturday I have a bookreview for you and I will see you then! 🙂


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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