This or That? Challenge #12

this or that

Hi, everybody!

This week’s This or That? Challenge of Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles is very interesting.

We have to choose between…

own your own bookshop (spruce it up however you like)


get paid to read (on your own timeline and read whatever you want)

Owning a bookshop would be absolutely wonderfull. I could recommend books to people and talk about books to people just books *-* But now that I think about it I don’t really like people… I find it very difficult to talk to stragers or just any humans actually. XD

And getting paid to read? That’s just a dream, isn’t it?! I would be a millionaire in no time! Yep, I’m deffinitly choosing getting paid to read. I could read all day long and my parents wouldn’t mind it because I can say that I get mony for it. And with that money I can buy more books. And then when I read those books I have more money for some more books. Oh, yes! Can this please happen?!

What would you choose? Comment on Rae’s post (linked above) or make your own post about it (make sure to link it to Rae’s blog)! That’s it for this Wednesday. I will hopefully see you again on Saturday!


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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