Book Review: The Sword by Deborah Chester

Hi, everybody!

I’m so sorry! I totally forgot to post on Wednesday! I had so much homework and I only realised I forgot to post when I lay in bed that evening. Thereby I missed a really good This or That? Challenge of Rae. I’m bussy with school, I can’t concentrate on anything and I don’t have any insperation for anything. There’s something happening with me, I think. :p But today I have a book review for you! I’m sorry it’s a short one but as I said I’m bussy, can’t concentrate and don’t have any insperation.

Titel: The Sword

Author: Deborah Chester

Publishing date: February 1ste 2000

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 2/5

Synopsis (Goodreads)

Two men. One is a prince of royal blood. The other is a half-breed, part human, part elf. But the part that is human is also royal.Two women. One is a princess, pampered and protected. The other lives in the forest, the leader of a band of rebels. She too has elven blood.

This is their story — the tale of love and hate, courage and cowardliness, and magic both dark and light.

My review

This series, too, I received from a friend and I wasn’t actually that keen to start it for some reason.
In the first part we follow king Tobeszijian while he loses his throne and while he’s on the run. He loses his wife who he loves with all his heart and tries to bring his children in safety.
Especially in the first part it was really action-packed and this is the part I read the fastest.
In the second and third part we follow the son of king Tobeszijian 15 years later. These parts were a little bit slower but there still happened a lot. Still I barely went forward. Mostly because of school but I also just didn’t want to read.
I had big troubles with the world building. It was really confusing and a map would’ve been welcome! But overall the writingsstyle was good although there were so many difficult names!
Unfortunatly I didn’t really enjoy this book. Probably because I just wasn’t in the mood for it because it was a really interesting story.
One day I will continue with this trilogy but for now I don’t think so.

I hope you enjoyed and I see you tomorrow. 🙂


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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