This or That? Challenge #8

this or that

Hi, everybody!

Today is Wednesday so that means a new This or That? Challenge! This challenge was made by Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles. Click the link to see her original post if you want to know more about this challenge!

This week’s challenge:

Do you prefer sunny weather so you can read outside


Do you like it more when it’s cold so you can curl up in a blanket inside?

I definitly prefer reading inside curled up in a blanket when it’s cold outside.

Since I live in Belgium and we only have really sunny days in the summer I can never read outside that much. When it is warm enough outside to read I will probably read outside. But when it is too hot and I’m almost melting I will go inside and lay on the ground where it’s cold. (I really do that.) I also find reading outside extremely uncomfortable at times. Maybe I need a better chair… :p

Here we have enough cold and rainy and windy days and then I love reading while laying in bed with a blanket around me and in my warm comfy pajamas. Now, at the beginning of autumn, we still have some sunny days and it’s warm enough to read outside (although the mornings are freezing). But once I’m finished with schoolwork and dinner and stuff it has already cooled down and then I’m just happy to read in bed.

What do you prefer? Inside or outside? Comment on Rae’s post (linked above) or make you’re own post about it! Make sure to link it to Rae’s. 🙂

And I actually have a question for you. Since school started it really bothers me that I don’t have that much time anymore to read. In weekdays I always make sure that between 8PM and 9PM I have nothing to do so I can read. Of course there are days where I can read more. My question for you is: When you have to go to school or work when do you read? Do you have a special hour or multiple houres to read? Please comment below and I will see you Saturday with a new bookreview! 🙂


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


6 gedachtes over “This or That? Challenge #8

  1. Thank you as always! And I hate to admit it but I have given up on reading when school is in session. Only because with my major I read a lot already and if I tried, it would probably take a month to finish a book. 😦 I’ll just make up for it during Thanksgiving and Winter break. Until then, Netflix wins lol

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  2. I do a lot of reading. I don’t really watch TV so even on my work days I read before bed. I also read on my lunch break, and anytime I have down time. Its much easier now that I am not in school though! I can totally understand why its not as easy to get some ‘for fun’ reading in, while juggling classes and homework.

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