My Blogging Schedule!

Hi, everybody! Today I have a quick post to announce my blogging schedule!

After almost a month at school I finally found a good blogging schedule. Maybe you noticed already some of things I’m going to say now but here you can read clearly how it all will go in the months that will come. 🙂

Because school takes SO MUCH time away I will only be able to post on Wednesdays, Saturday, Sundays and maybe some day in between IF I have time.

On Wednesday I will post the weekly This or That? Challenge hosted by Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles. If it’s a challenge I can’t participate in or Rae couldn’t post a challenge for some reason I will post something else. That can be an extra book tag, book award or  book review or maybe something different. (Talking about something different: What would you want to see me writing about other that book tags, book awards, book reviews, … ? Comment below! 🙂 )

On Saturdays I will post a new book review and on Sundays I will post a book tag or book award. If I don’t have a book review ready for some reason on Saturday  I will post it on Sunday and I will move the book tag/award to Saturday.

That’s it! I hope you will like my blogging schedule and if you have any blog recommendations please comment below! 🙂


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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