Bookreview: The High Lord (The Black Magician’s Trilogy #3) by Trudi Canavan

Hi, everybody! As promised I have a book review for you! Remember, this is the last book of a series so beware for spoilers!

Titel: The High Lord

Author: Trudi Canavan

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Pages: 647

Rating: 3.5/5

Synopsis (Goodreads)

“You want to know the truth.”

Sonea has learned much since she was but a penniless urchin possessing an awesome untapped ability. She has earned the grudging respect of her fellow novices and a place in the Magicians’ Guild. But there is much she wishes she had never learned—what she witnessed, for example, in the underground chamber of the mysterious High Lord Akkarin . . . and the knowledge that the Guild is being observed closely by an ancient fearsome enemy.

Still, she dares not ignore the terrifying truths the High Lord would share with her, even though she fears it may be base trickery, a scheme to use her astonishing powers to accomplish his dark aims. For Sonea knows her future is in his hands—and that only in the shadows will she achieve true greatness . . . if she survives.

My review

Without doubt this was the best book in the whole series. A lot of mysteries got solved and it looks like all the excitement that lacked in the first two books were spared for this one.

I was so happy with Sonea in this book. The fire she lost a little bit in the second book came back. Sonea now was a real adult. She already was one because of the circumstances she went through in and after the first book but still she grew up even more. She’s so strong and the people who bullied her in the first two books couldn’t get to her anymore.
Cery, too, was a complete grown-up. After his crush on Sonea he layed his eyes on another woman. If you read my review for The Novice you know that I really missed him in that one but in this last book he has got a big role and I’m so gratefull for that!
And, ofcourse, you already know hom much I love Rothen because he cares about Sonea so much. In this book it isn’t different.
I had hoped to see more of Dannyl and Tayend relatioship but that wasn’t the case unfortunatly. There relationship really could have been something really beautiful but Trudi Canavan decided to show barely any affection between these two lovely characters.

The fight with the Ichanis was so exciting and amazing! Trudi’s writingstyle actually realy improved in this book. It’s still not my favourite but it was better and she made sure I was in a lot of tears at the end of it. I really loved Akkarin.

An almost perfect conclusion to the series!

Did anyone of you read this book? What did you think of it? Comment below! Tomorrow I’m going to give you all a tag so stay tuned for that!


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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