This or That? #6

this or that

Hi, everybody! I know I kind of promised Saturday to give you a bookreview last Sunday but I had a busy day and I totally forgot about it. Then, I wanted to post it on Monday but I forgot, again, and on Tuesday I was too tired… So, I’m going to post the review Saturday or Sunday because today I have a new This or That? Challenge!

This week Bookmark Chronicles‘ This or That? Challenge is

do you schedule your reading


do you just read spontanuously when you’re bored, …?

I think I do both. During the summer holidays I just read all day long. I would wake up, eat and check my social media, go back to bed and read. I mostly didn’t even get dressed. This is sort of the same in weekends. The only difference is that I have to study and do things for school.

Now, since school started a couple of weeks ago I have much less time to read but I still try to read as much as possible. When I’m going with my bike to school I obviously can’t read (I don’t use audiobooks) When I’m alone on the bus I always read. But, mostly there are friends with me on the bus and it would not be polite to read while they’re talking to me, probably. :p I take my book with me everywhere, so when I have some time, when I can’t do anything, I can read. After school I check my social media which can take a while and then we have dinner. I can’t study when I’m hungry so I study after dinner. Mostly I hope I’m finished studying before 8PM. When it’s 8PM I will mostly just stop. When I’m finished studying, whether it’s 8PM or earlier, I’ll take a  quick shower and do whatever I still need to do. Since I don’t watch tv during the schoolweek I will read untill something like 9:15PM. I’m someone who really needs her sleep so I will get ready for bed, check my social media again and hope to go to sleep at 10PM (Allthough it’s mostly later. :p ) so I can wake up at 6:45AM to check my social media AGAIN and get ready for school.

This kind of was just me telling when I read during school but the conclusion of the This or That? Challenge of this week is that I do both.

I hope you enjoyed it! Go check out Bookmark Chronicles‘ (Rae) blog out because she’s amazing and while you’re there you can take part on the This or That? Challenge! If you want to know more information on this challenge or you want to read Rae’s post of this week’s challenge click here.


Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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