This or That? #5

this or that

Hi, everybody! A month ago Rae over at Bookmark Chronicles created the This or That challenge and I absolutely loved doing this. (If you want to know more information check out Rae’s blog.) Mostly I didn’t make a whole post about it and just commented on the post of hers. But this week I decided to make a post again! Make sure to check out Rae’s blog because she’s amazing and participate in this challenge! I promise you, it’s a lot of fun!

This week the challenge is…

Series or stand alones???

This is really hard! I love both! But I have to choose, I guess…

Series are amazing because you can spend more time with the world, the characters, … within the books. I also have the feeling that a series stays for a longer time in your head. Of course because you need to spend more time reading it but I mean after you finish the series. When you start reading an unfinished series I actually love waiting for the next book. All the booklovers come together, whether it’s on Bookstagram, Booktube or on Bookblogs. We can all speculate about what will happen and when the release is near we all are so enthousiastic and impatience.

Stand alones are mostly really deep and/or enjoyable (This doesn’t mean that series are never deep and/or enjoyable).When I’m in a little reading slump (I’ve never been in a real reading slump) and I want to take a little break from series I like to pick up a cute stand alone contemporary because it’s mostly quick.

I don’t really have negative comments on either of them because it all depends from book to book.

BUT… If I really have to choose I’d pick series because of the reasons  above.

So what are your thoughts? Comment on Rae’s post or make a post out of it yourself! If you want to see Rae’s full post click here. That was it for today! I hope to make a new post, maybe a book review, soon and I’d love to see you then! 🙂


 Katniss Potter Booklover xxx


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